Procedure of legalizing the documents?

Every association need the Documents , it is mandatory part which can be government or non government. It can be a written statement of thought which is of different types. Public documents. Every document contains a different reason and is issue under a diversity of conditions. There are many reasons which makes it required to legalize.


Whereas legalization is the process of authenticating the legal documents. Departments provide stamp and signature process for do the legalization. There are many forms of legalization and is decoded in different areas. There is a known term “Attestation” which means legalization of documents. One common form “Apostille” is available which is essential for international matter.


A term is there called Attestation plays a important role in the legalization process. Documents are legalize at the regional, state, national and international levels. Attestation is mandatory in today’s life which includes the procedure of issuing a citizenship proof, enroll into a college, or any other law-related affairs. It also need for the visa documentation and also at the time of doing business abroad. The countries which is not recognized as apostille countries need the attestation. In India, it is done by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) and the embassy of the respective country as well. You can also read more here


The apostille countries needs authentication of documents for their submission, the countries that are a part of the Hague Convention.  There are total 117 Hague convention apostille countries. Documents are accepted in any apostille country after legalized with an apostille sticker only once. Apostille Attestation in India is done by the Ministry of External Affairs. The MEA provides the sticker and ratifying the stamp on back side of the document.

Why is Document legalization required?

There are many reasons which need legalization. The main role of the process is to proof the validity of the document. There are many reasons when one would want to go abroad for studies (higher education) work in a company overseas or just for live in another country. These all need the release of various visas. Apostille Attestation is done for documents that are required for the issuance of long-term visas like the resident visa, employment visa, student visa in the process of visa documentation. It also require for doing business in a foreign country.

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